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Have you lost your personal data?
  • Device Not turning on/Not charging?

  • Stuck on Apple Logo/Boot Loop?

  • Physical Damaged (Smashed, Dropped, Run over)?

  • Liquid damaged?

  • Apple iPhone or iPad full storage error?

  • No Display / No Touch?

  • Component Level damaged?

  • Corrupted operating system / iOS corruption?

  • Failed after a software update?

  • Stuck in iTunes mode?

  • Device damaged, or not working? 

Don't be worried. We can help you.

Data recovery is the process of accessing and recovering information from a media device that is not accessible through standard means. This is a necessary service in a variety of situations from user error and deletion, to mechanical and physical damage on your storage device. If you are experiencing data loss, you need to contact us to restore your digital life. Mobile Pro Fix has extensive experience in recovering data from all types of devices including mobile phones, hard disk drives, flash drives, and more.

Note: There is no charge if the data recovery process is unsuccessful.

Contact us to book an appointment in-store or at any location that suits you best!

Please note depends on your preferred appointment location, a travel fee may apply.

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We only buy un-locked devices now