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The mobile phone industry has experienced an extraordinary surge in its customer base. In today’s world, people have become heavily reliant on their phones, considering them one of the most indispensable aspects of their lives. Everywhere you go, you’ll find a majority of the population engrossed in their devices. With a growing number of phone users who lack technical expertise, there is a significant demand for assistance, even for minor issues. These factors contribute to the popularity of mobile phone repair as a career choice.
Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey? Congratulations! We are here to guide you in starting your mobile repair career by equipping you with the skills to efficiently fix broken devices in minimal time. Our comprehensive training program ensures you receive the knowledge and expertise you need, all at a reasonable fee.

Discover why you should enroll in one of our courses:

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of Motherboards, Small Parts & Components from A to Z. Our courses are led by a seasoned Electronic Technician with over 26 years of experience both overseas and in Australia. Benefit from our accelerated learning approach, allowing you to complete the courses in a short time while immersing yourself in new experiences.

Experience prompt and thorough support as we address your inquiries with clear explanations. Our teaching methodology focuses on simplicity and ease of understanding, using real-life examples to enhance your learning journey.

All courses are fully practical and will be taught in person in our repair shop in Brisbane. 

Have you made your decision? If so, congratulations! We’re here to assist you in launching your mobile repair career by providing training on efficient device repair at an affordable cost. Our courses will teach you how to fix broken devices in the shortest possible time.

Mobile Pro Fix offers 3 different simple ways to start your new career: 

Beginner: Parts Replacement more info

Intermediate: Components & Diagnose Problems more info

Professional: Micro Soldering, Replace BGA Chips, and SMD Components more info

We offer flexibility in course duration to suit your needs: 

Option 1: Three-week course, spread across 18 hours.(Max 3 days in week)

Option 2: One-week course, completed in 10 hours.(5 days in week)

Option 3: One-day course, which consists of 6 hours of focused training.

Take advantage of our special offer: Our one-day course rapidly progresses from a beginner to an advanced level. This intensive program covers the essential foundations of electronic device repair and progressively enhances your knowledge and skills. Within just one day, you will learn everything from basic troubleshooting to advanced repair techniques. Our experienced instructors will provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring you gain practical insights and hands-on training.

In our one-day course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in various aspects of smartphone repair. The course curriculum includes the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Smart Phone Repair: Understand the fundamentals of mobile phone repair and the key components involved.
  2. Replacing Broken Screen/LCD & Digitizer: Learn how to replace damaged screens and digitizers, a common issue in mobile phone repair.
  3. Replacing Back Glass Covers: Gain proficiency in replacing back glass covers, ensuring a seamless repair process.
  4. Replacing Internal Battery: Discover the techniques for safely replacing internal batteries in mobile devices.
  5. Repairing Charging/Data Ports & Connections: Learn how to diagnose and repair charging and data port issues, ensuring proper connectivity.
  6. PCB Boards Introduction: Understand the basics of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) boards and their role in mobile phone functionality.
  7. Components Stage 1: Familiarize yourself with different components used in mobile phones, including their identification and functions.
  8. IC Chips Stage 1: Explore the world of IC (Integrated Circuit) chips and their importance in mobile phone repair.
  9. Diagnose the Shorted PCB Boards: Learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot shorted PCB boards, a common problem in mobile phone repairs.
  10. Using Equipment & Tools: Master the usage of various equipment and tools essential for effective mobile phone repair.
  11. Testing Parts & Components: Acquire skills in testing different parts and components to ensure their functionality.
  12. Water Damaged Introduction: Understand the implications of water damage in mobile phones and explore the initial steps for recovery.
  13. Replace Components (SMD): Learn the techniques for replacing SMD (Surface Mount Device) components, commonly found in mobile phones.
  14. Replace BGA Chips: Gain expertise in replacing BGA (Ball Grid Array) chips, which are crucial for mobile phone functionality.
  15. Data Transfer and Recovery Solutions: Discover methods for transferring and recovering data from damaged mobile devices. 

Note : By the end of the one-day course, you will have a solid foundation in mobile phone repair, enabling you to address common issues and perform essential repairs with confidence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to fast-track your journey toward becoming a proficient repair technician. Enrol now and unlock the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of electronic device repair.

Our offer: Upon completing all courses and passing our exams, we guarantee a full-time job at one of the reputable repair stores in the Brisbane area.

Our Gift: Receive a pack of essential starting tools and equipment guides to kickstart your journey.

For more information about all courses, contact our experienced technician team. 


Phone: 07 350 570 25

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