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Used & Refurbished Devices

Used and refurbished devices carry 30-day limited warranty from the purchase date.
In the unusual event that something does go wrong, we request that you initially rule out that a software fault or bug has not caused the issue, in a lot of cases modern smartphones and tablets experience software issues that are usually resolved with a simple software upgrade or restore from your actual device if this does not resolve the issue please contact our team or visit our store where you purchased your device.  
All our used devices are unlocked and fully tested to ensure all features work perfectly. So we suggest you test all functional before leaving our stores. 

We have 3 levels of refurbished/used conditions.

A+ Refurbished: New screen, New frame, New battery, New charging port.

B+ Used: New screen, Used frame, Battery +/- 90%

C+ Used: Tiny scratches on screen, back side or frame, Battery +/-80%

What does not warranty cover: The warranty does not cover physical damage such as cracks (Screen or LCD Display), dents, smashed or liquid damage also does not cover consumable parts like charging port, battery, cameras, and buttons and any problems that happen to the logic board(PCB) if faulty or wrong charger cable/AC adapter has been used on the device. The warranty also does not cover any software problems or personal data. 

What does a warranty cover: A warranty does cover parts that are not working as they should or stopped working by themselves.  For example some points of the touch screen not working. 

Returning the device when there are no faults
No refund or exchange if the sold device has no given faults. However, if you wish to return the device for another reason a 20% restocking fee will apply. The device must be in the exact condition it was purchased in and returned with any supplied box or accessories. Note: A repair fee will apply if there are any physical damages on return. Also, customers must remove personal accounts (Apple ID/Google & Samsung Accounts) from the device before returning. We need to ensure that the device is unlocked and fully factory reset.  

Note: Shipping cost is not refundable.  

Repair Warranty Policy

Please make sure you check your device on pick-up before you leave our store to make sure the device issue is fixed and you’re happy with the service. No further claim is accepted if you leave the shop without checking. ​

Our warranty ONLY covers the faulty parts which have been changed or repaired by our technicians.​
All our repairs come with six months warranty on limited parts only. Warranty Does NOT cover and void if the part is cracked/smashed/liquid damaged or even broken LCD(Display) accidentally or by the customer. (LCD might get damaged without damaging screen/glass). 

Note: Some of the consumer parts are not under warranty so please check your invoice to make sure that your part replacement is under warranty. 

In the unfortunate event that you have an issue, please re-visit us to rectify the problem as we cannot accept warranty claims that have been fixed elsewhere and remove our warranty sticker without our consent. We do not accept any responsibility for the loss of your personal data and urge customers to make sure all data is backed up before submitting the unit for repair.

Note: All repaired devices will hold in our stores for only 30 days and then we will recycle that if not picked up by the customer after 30 days. 

Return & Exchange Policy


There will NOT be any refund for the change of mind. We only offer store credit for the product amount as long as the packaging is NOT opened and the item has NOT been used.

Note: Products must be returned in the original packaging in a saleable condition. After receiving the returned products Mobile Pro Fix will issue a refund within 7 days through the method of payment that was used for the order. 

We offer a replacement or refund for any genuinely faulty products within 48 hours only from the purchase date and time if the product not working properly. T&C applies.

Note: No Refund for physical, liquid, or installation damage. 

Note: Shipping cost is not refundable.  

General Warranty Policy

All parts and accessories sold by Mobile Pro Fix may have a limited warranty.

 Warranty periods are as follows:

All phones, laptops, and computer parts might have 6 month warranty. T&C

Original brand accessories have 1 Year warranty.  T&C

Electrical accessories do NOT have any warranty. 

All Batteries have only 6 months of limited warranty. T&C

You may check out the other product warranties with the seller at the time of purchase.

Note: Warranty covers any faults and defects in the product, however, does not include physical, liquid, or installation damage or fault of use.

 Any warranty will be void if such an issue is found.

Please contact us if there is any problem with your purchase, parts, or accessories, once we have approved the return you can ship the items or take them to our stores. 

Note: Shipping cost is not refundable.  

Adding Extra Warranty

Mobile Pro Fix offers extra warranties on replacement PART ONLY.

Extra warranty options give you the certainty that the replacement part installed in your device has a warranty for more than six months if it malfunctions under the conditions stated for Warranty Against Defects. 

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