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Motherboard Repair​s

Smartphone, Tablet/iPad, Laptop, Computer

My phone stopped working and died in my hand!

My phone went for a swim and is now not turning on at all!

What if all my data is lost!


Don’t worry – All is not lost. Mobile Pro Fix is here to save your day and breath a new life into your malfunctioning device with top-notch motherboard repair services.

Mobile Pro Fix is an expert on motherboards for over 25 years.

No matter which brand of devices you have, Mobile Pro Fix specialists have what it takes to get it up and running again with in-store high-level motherboard  repair and micro soldering services.

We are professional in:

  • Diagnose motherboards

  • IC Chips, Tristar replacement

  • Audio Issues 

  • Backlight problems and diode fixes

  • Shorted capacitors and power issues

  • FPC connector problems

  • Data recovery

  • Water damage

  • LED, LCD & Screens

  • Batteries

  • Charge ports

  • Cameras

  • Buttons

  • Frames

  • Flex cables

  • Loud & Ear speakers

  • Microphones

  • Screws

  • Etc…

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