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You can simply visit our store in person, bringing your device along, and request our technicians to promptly fix it. We prioritize quick and efficient device repairs.

Alternatively, you may navigate to the “Instant Quote” page, identify your device’s issue, and proceed to book a convenient time and date for the repair.

Certainly. Feel free to contact us at any time or send us an email to make an appointment or to request a change to your booking time. We’re here to assist you.

The duration of the repair process depends on the specific model of the device, and the timeframe can vary for each device. For precise information on the time required for your particular device, please give us a call to schedule a consultation.

For example, replacing iPhone screens typically takes about 20 minutes, while replacing Samsung screens may take approximately an hour.

In general, we do not require customers to bring their own replacement parts. However, it’s advisable to give us a call to confirm that we have the correct model and color parts in stock for your device. This helps save you time and ensures a smoother process.

We maintain a large inventory of parts in-store at all times. If you have a less common or obscure model or brand, we may need to order the parts, which typically takes 1-2 business days.

Due to the sensitive nature of the chip motherboard, providing a 100% guarantee on the preservation of personal data during repair is challenging. Therefore, we cannot ensure the absolute safety of personal data.

For your convenience and data security, we recommend backing up all information on iCloud (for Apple devices) or Google storage (for Android devices) or copying your personal data to a computer before bringing your device in for repair.

While replacements of parts like screens, charge ports, and batteries typically do not require a backup, in cases of water damage or severely damaged phones, we regret to inform you that there is no guarantee for data preservation.


We offer a 6-month limited warranty on replacement parts, applicable only if the part ceases to function properly. If a problem is identified during testing, we will replace the faulty part at no cost.

It’s important to note that you must present your repair invoice when returning your device for warranty service. This invoice serves as proof of the repair and warranty coverage.

We provide a 6-month limited warranty on replacement parts, and each part is equipped with our warranty sticker. It’s crucial to understand that if our warranty sticker is removed or damaged by someone else, your warranty will be voided. We strongly recommend bringing your device back to our store if you have any concerns about the repair to ensure the warranty remains valid and intact.

For any purchase made in-store or online, we offer a refund as long as the original package remains unopened, undamaged, and unused. In the case of a faulty item, we will exchange it for a new one. However, if the particular item is no longer in stock, we will provide you with store credit that can be used within our store.

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