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Mobile Pro Fix offers extra warranties on replacement PART ONLY(read more)

These options give you the certainty that the replacement part installed in your device has a warranty for more than six months if it malfunctions under the conditions stated for Warranty Against Defects. 
Our extra warranties are offered in three tiers Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages and each one has a different price range, time length, and offerings.  

All the conditions under which we accept or refuse the warranty are outlined below:

Warranty on replacement PARTS ONLY (read more)

Warranty does NOT cover in case of: 

1. Cracked/Smashed/Water damaged devices or any part even Broken/Damaged LCD(Display).

 2. Warranty will be voided if the device is opened or fixed elsewhere (EVEN Brands Owner) without our consent or if our warranty sticker is removed from inside the device. Every parts replacement comes with MPF company’s warranty sticker.  

 3. We cannot guarantee to save personal data during the repair process. Please ensure all data is backed up before submitting your repair job or ask our technicians if you do not know how to do backup. 

Note: You would need to select one of the warranty types before submitting your repair job or making payment. We do not add or change the warranty type after payment is successfully done. Depending on the parts, it’s recommended to ask our staff to explain and give you the best advice to choose the right warranty before submitting your repair job.


Warranty against Defects

Mobile Pro Fix provides a warranty against defects that complies with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

For more information on Consumer rights visit the ACCC website:

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