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Logic Board Repair

If you are on the lookout for a decent repair service for your smartphone, computer, laptop, Apple/Android tablet, or any other electronic gadget in Brisbane, we are your one-stop solution.

Mobile Pro Fix technicians have been satisfying the needs of customers over decades by adhering the safety standards. Our extensive experience in repairing motherboards/logic boards within the last 8 years in Brisbane makes us believe that we can serve a large audience.

We offer Quality Repair Service

Micro soldering, Logic Board Repair, Free Inspection, Instant Quote

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We Repair All Mojor Brands

Unfortunately, in many technical repair stores, there are a number of underqualified people who are acting as technicians. Mobile Pro Fix only has qualified technicians working on your devices. That means, not only do we fix the problem you are having with your device but in fact, we also identify any other potential problems. For example, in some cases, when dropping your phone, to the naked eye, it would just look as if the screen had cracked, but in some cases, the impact from dropping your device can also damage motherboard chips. We are here to diagnose your phone for FREE, and then let you know of any further problems before proceeding with the repair process.

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